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road transport of oversized heavy long loads

Our company is ready to transport outsize cargo of any shape, including bulky and heavy. Everything that can not carry the usual trucks, haul us. Transportation of oversized loads – it is responsible, but doable, and we have not the first time we prove it in practice.

Transportation of bulky goods (this includes a variety of construction, special equipment and other goods from the inflated dimensions) is made by us in compliance with all standards and safety regulations. Following the rules, written in Ukrainian legislati

on, we will carefully monitor the design documentation and obtaining permits for the transport of each individual load.

We care about each side of the coming order. We monitor the development of a route, select options for emergencies, make loading and unloading work, forwarding. We also attend to the cargo on its own, and with the help of machines DPS. Whatever kind of oversized vehicles or transported, our managers have total and complete control over the process of cargo transportation have.
Our fleet is equipped with modern and proven transport, ideal for tasks. Various trucks and loaders will carry any special equipment, caravans and building materials quickly and safely.
! Our manager, you can see Cost of transportation of oversized and dangerous goods, call the contact phone number.


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